Mary Cohr

Mary Cohr is an eco-friendly skincare company under the Guinot Paris brand. The company aims to respect the environment with all of its products, and do not test on animals; something that Butterfly You Beauty feels very strongly about.

The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment; notably by sourcing them from renewable plants. Mary Cohr products & treatments are results driven to give our clients the best possible outcome for their skin.

With 40 year's experience in enhancing women's beauty using essential oils, Mary Cohr express cutting-edge ideas in matching manual techniques with their effective skincare products.

Butterfly You Beauty is proud to offer four specialised treatments that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking younger. Take a look below:


Age Repair - £60

Clinically proven to effectively target the signs of ageing, this treatment will firm and smooth the skin while revealing a radiant appearance. Using the perfect combination of pure Vitamin C and active pro-collagen, you will achieve up to 39.7% improvement in wrinkle depth after just one treatment (average clinical trial results after 1 treatment).


Age Firming (Anti-aging Firming & Lifting Treatment) - £65

This clinically proven facial involves 4 phases. The first phase will remove the dead skin cells, smooth the skin through a combination of mechanical & enzymatic actions. The second phase is the firming massage which firms, lifts the skin and redefines the face contour. Phase 3 is the 'precise lift' which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smooths the eye contour area, forehead, nose & decollete using a mechanical application and biological formula. The last phase is application of the firm and lift mask which tightens the skin, redefines the face contour & provides an instant lifting effect. Wrinkle depth is visibly attenuated after 3 treatments. The skins texture is smoother & more even, wrinkle depth is significantly diminished.

A course of treatments will be eligible for 10% discount.


Derma PH - £50

This is a skin renewal treatment that has been clinically proven to erase visible signs of ageing, add radiance to the complexion, attenuate dark spots (pigmentation) and brighten the skin tone. This facial is available is available in two variations that is determined on your skins sensitivity level. A patch test is required 24 hours prior to this facial. Recommended as an intensive 3-session treatment or as a monthly maintenance program.


Beaute Aromatique - The Relaxation Treatment - £40

A personalised holistic treatment using essential oils to improve all skin types and create a newfound radiance. An ideal treatment for relaxation and well-being. The active properties of each essential oil are adapted to each of your beauty goals or any skin concerns you may have.