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Microblading is a treatment for implanting pigment into the skin to create a realistic hair stroke, or artistic eyebrow designs. It's very similar in principal to semi permanent makeup with a machine but the "Microblade" itself is a Hand-Tool and has been around for 20-30 years. It is ideal for those that have very little or no eyebrow hair at all, or if you have eyebrow hair but would like them fuller and thicker or a more defined shape. If you have alopecia or have lost your eyebrow hair due to chemotherapy then Microblading could be the solution for you.

Microblading is a two part treatment. The first session involves a detailed consultation, pigment testing (choosing the perfect colour for you), measuring the eyebrows (to ensure they are in proportion with your face, are the exact same height, length and thickness as each other). Your desired shape is then drawn on and once you are 100% happy then the Microblading will begin. You will then return for the second and final part of the treatment 28 days later (the retouch). Microbladed eyebrows can last 1-3 years depending on your skin type, lifestyle and how you take care of your skin. It is also extremely important to follow the after-care given.

 Microblading Eyebrows - £180.00 (including top up after your first session)

Top up - £80.00 (This price depends on whether you'd like to keep your initial eyebrow shape. A longer appointment may be necessary and price may increase)


The pictures (first two) below show clients eyebrows after their first treatment of Microblading.


This client asked for a natural look with a soft arch. She will return for her retouch 28 days later.


This client wanted more of an angular soft arch and a pigment to match her hair colour. She will also return for her retouch.


The first two (left on top of one another) is before the client had any Microblading). The two after is straight after treatment. The third row down is just before retouch and the bottom two show completely healed Microbladed eyebrows.


The Microblading part itself takes around 60 minutes. The template hair strokes are implanted first followed by the inside/bulk part of the eyebrows. Numbing cream can be applied for a second time if needed.


These two pictures show before and straight after Microblading. This client will return in 28 days for her retouch.